Trumps Market Update | October

The Trumps Market Update offers information on the current news & trends of select nuts, fruits & seeds across the world, see below.

Australian Almonds:  Processors struggling to meet the usual high- grade standards expected of Australian Almonds.  The almond board of Australia’s actual volume for 2023 has been confirmed at 103.381 tonnes which is 5% down on the mid-year figure of 108.950 tonnes. The actual number is 34% down on the original pre- season estimate in January of 156.200 tonnes. The industry is expected to have an extremely low carry-out this season with demand inevitably overcome supply before season’s end.

Processors struggling to meet Supplies are very tight from origin for the current season Brazil nuts, especially Organic. Prices are steady at the season’s high. Demand for Brazil nuts has shown improvement, leading packers to plan the sourcing of 2024 crop raw materials in late November- December however new crop shipments will depend on the intensity of rainy season.

The Turkish hazelnut crop estimate has been reduced from 800.000 metric tons (inshell basis) to about 675.000 mt tons. This is owing to heavy rains from March to June impacting growers abilities to properly maintain the trees. A month into the harvest, prices have shot up increasing some US$1.25-1.0 per kg (A$2.00-2.30 per Kg) due to the significant supply reduction. We are hearing that despite the quantity being lower, quality seems satisfactory despite earlier concerns.

During the first half of October, the Vietnam cashews market experience a high demand, however, prices have increased some 5-10 US cents per lb for WW320 and WW240. 

Pinenuts Prices have increased by US $6.00 per kg (A $9.40/KG). Russia is again restricting supplies and announced an increase in the cost of export certificates. The other source for Cedar variety is Mongolia and they are yet to release any exports certificates. Chinese Pinus Koraiensis is also in short supply this season. Chinese Yunnan variety is the only variety in supply but also at much higher prices now.

New crop business for Shineskin Pepitas at Anuga was strong due to low prices. This has caused some increase and has in turn encourage Chinese speculators to enter the market again, pushing prices higher in the past week. 

The recent tropical storm in Southern California was of Shipments for September were down 4% at 72.3 million lbs., with domestic shipments up 1% and exports were down 7%. is to be expected new crop offered at better prices. Harvest is almost complete and new crop receipts were 1.1 billion lbs at 30 September.

The crop is now expected to be 1.40 to 1.5 billion pounds.  The overall quality is good, with low levels of light staining and insect damage.

The general information contained in this Market Update is based on the best available information that is current at the time of distribution. It is to be used as a guide only and is not intended to be relied on for your purchasing decisions.

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