Nuts and seeds are a fantastic and convenient snack.  At Earth’s Bounty we are making it even better with our Activated range!

What is Activation?

Activated nuts and seeds, are raw products that have been soaked and then dehydrated. 

Under the Earth’s Bounty Activation process, our nuts and seeds are soaked in filtered water with a pinch of salt to activate the sprouting process – “releasing the goodness”– they are then gently dehydrated and packed.

What are the benefits?

Raw nuts and seeds contain natural anti-nutrients and enzymes inhibitors that can make it hard for our bodies to absorb valuable nutrients and could put a strain on our digestive system.

The Activation process helps remove any natural inhibitors that can put a strain on our digestive system and prevent us from absorbing valuable nutrients.

We believe you also get a crunchier, tastier Earth Bounty’s product.

The history of Activation

Activating nuts is the ancient practice of soaking nuts and seeds in brine and letting them dry in the sun. Today, while our methods have vastly improved, the aim remains the same – To increase the nutrient values and increase digestibility.

Earth Bounty’s Activated range of seeds and nuts releases the goodness further!

  • 5 star health rating
  • Source of protein
  • Energy boost
  • Tastes fantastic


 Through the Earth’s Bounty activated process our bodies can maximise the benefits of these nutritious, convenient and great tasting snacks!