Trumps Are Wholesalers, Distributors & Processors Of Nuts, Dried Fruits, Beans & Pulses, Cereal, Confectionery & Cooking Needs To The Retail & Manufacturing Industries.

Trumps is a proud wholesaler to the manufacturing & independent retail industries, supplying high -quality products for over 80 years.

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Australian Family-
Owned since 1939

Quality Products In Australia And Worldwide

Trumps source its quality products in Australia and worldwide with stringent policies in place to ensure the highest standards and specifications are met. We have a dedicated management team and a comprehensive network of suppliers to procure the best available products and materials. These suppliers are locally and internationally placed at the point of origin giving the best possible outcome
for continued supply of quality products.

Once the products are received into our warehouse and factory and only after they have passed through our compliance procedures they are then designated to be further processed and packed into
one of the 1000+ variety of products Trumps produce year-round. In fact, over 90% of the products we handle are either processed or repackaged in some way, valuing adding on nearly all of our products.

Trumps not only processes and pack conventional products but is also proud to be Organic Certified with ACO Accreditation. Trumps and its product base over the 80 years of service to the industry have been at the forefront. We have been a market leader by adapting to ever-evolving and changing consumer requirements. Trumps can offer a range of packing alternatives to suit most needs from a 15g sachet to a 5kg bag. And packaging options include
Re-sealable, Pillow, Square Edge and Doy Pouch packs. Trumps prides itself on the support it offers to all customers by way of our distribution network. Trumps is second to none when it comes to getting the product there whether it’s just around the corner or across the country.

All of Trumps operations are based in Australia with a supply cha in that includes suppliers from all over the world. This allows us to offer our vast range of dried produce to our wholesale & retail customers across Australia and neighbouring countries. Trumps is continuing to grow in all avenues of the business and we are proud of where we are today and the bright future ahead of us.

We are especially proud of the growth of our retail brands Earth’s Bounty & MyOrganics™ which is allowing Trumps products to land in more and more pantries across Australia.

Earth’s Bounty

Earth’s Bounty is a quality Trumps brand that offers a naturally fresh range of dried produce. Our team search Australia and the world to find quality products and ingredients to make the Earth’s
Bounty Range. Whether it is Australian Almonds or Quinoa from the Andes Mountains we guarantee
the quality of all our products.


MyOrganics™ is Trumps organic retail brand. MyOrganics™ offers a great range of high-quality,
nutritious and great-tasting products for organic consumers. Choosing MyOrganics™ means you’re
choosing a quality product that is certified organic from the farm to your pantry. You can trust that
MyOrganics™ products are certified organic because you can find the Australian Certified Organic logo on all our products. Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce.


Trumps have been offering solutions to the manufacturing industry for over 80 years.

Solutions Trumps offers:

Organic & Conventional
Food/Snack Options

Quality Ingredients

Portion Packing
(offering convenient sizing for customers)

National Sales Team

We work with Meal Solution Providers, Prepare Meal Manufacturers, Bakeries, Industrial Baking Manufacturers, Ice Cream Manufacturers, Cereal Manufacturers, Small Boutique Manufacturers, Chocolate Manufacturers, Pet Food Manufactures, Cosmetic Manufacturers and more.

Let us partner with your ideas to manufacture the next food trend, supply you the raw material or contract pack to your specifications. This could be sugar coating nuts to be blended in ice cream, dry roasting macadamias for a Christmas log or portion packing dried fruit for the home-delivered meal solutions. Our versatility is just one of our strengths; reach out and see how we can be your supply partner to create the solution!

Here's What Our Happy Clients Say

We are proud to have a long-standing business relationship with Trumps, expanding well over 25 years. We trust in Trumps’ quality & service.

    Lucia Chocolates

When we opened our first wholefoods business back in 2008 the first company we reached out to was Trumps in Brisbane. Their variety and quality food products gave us the beginning we needed. Fourteen years later we are still ordering weekly, enjoying the variety &
quality of products and relationship with
our representative, Christine. Nothing is too hard to organise, the specials are great and so is their informative newsletter. Trumps gets our orders out promptly and professionally which makes our business run smoothly at the retail end, keep ing our returning customers happy and healthy.

   Affordable Wholefoods

Micks Nuts is a 50-year-old store specialising in nuts, dried fruits, flours, chocolates and a host of other specialty products. We’ve been dealing with Trumps from the very beginning. We value product quality, affordability and exceptional service, all values shared by the folks at Trumps, making
them excellent suppliers to deal with.

   Micks Nuts

Quality Food Products. Healthy, Tasty & Better For Your Consumers.