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Do You Know What Almond You’re Buying?

To celebrate the fast-approaching Australian Almond harvest, Trumps is releasing a series of almond-related content.

Almond Price - Variety, Grade & Size

The almond market is vast when you consider the number of varieties and different shapes & sizes. While some may think an almond is just an almond we are here to inform you that’s far from the truth. So, learn about the different types of Australian almonds and how you can find value in your next almond purchase.

Almonds are categorised & priced on three characteristics; variety, grade and size. We will break down the varieties, grading guidelines and almond sizes so you are more informed on what you are buying.

Almond Varieties

Varieties of almonds are categorised into broad classifications based on certain attributes such as shape and size. Around 90% of Australian production falls into Nonpareil, Carmel, Price & Monterey varieties. Almond varieties include:

Butte, Capella, Carina, Carmel, Chellaston, Fritz, Independence, Johnston, Keane, Maxima, Milo, Mira, Mission, Monterey, Neplus, Nonpareil, Padre, Peerless, Price, Rhea, Somerton, Wood Colony.

Popular Australian Almond Varieties

All of these almonds have their own unique qualities from shape, size, surface look, taste etc. However, the Nonpareil is the premium almond, making up 40% of all almond harvests. The Nonpareil is beloved for its attractive look, mild flavour and distinctive sweet finish.

While the Nonpareil is the most popular almond, with over 20 almond varieties there are plenty of other options.

Almond Grade

Almonds are graded on appearance, damage or deformity and processing ability. Almonds are graded into categories that are defined by minimum standards & tolerances for that category. Category names slightly differ from country to country, for Australian the category names are:

  • Fancy
  • Extra Supreme
  • Supreme
  • Manufacturing


Almonds are a natural product, so there can be variations within grades and among shipments. For example, Fancy cannot have more than 5% dissimilar almonds, depending upon the conditions of that crop year, the actual percentage in the shipment could range from 0 to 5%.

Almond Size

Almond sizing ranges from a 18/20 (largest) to a 36/40 (smallest). The size is sorted on the number of almond kernels per ounce. The larger the almond size, the more expensive the product will be. 

While there are certain consumer segments that are willing to pay a premium for larger-size almonds, buying a medium-size almond is a great way to deliver some value for your customer. We say medium as there are usually higher volumes of size in the 23/25-27/30 range. You can see this from the chart below:

Stock volumes do vary year on year, however, you can be sure of a similar chart each year.

Trumps Almonds

Almonds are a core product here at Trumps. We offer an extensive range of almonds from bulk sizing all the way to 30g snacking options. Find Trumps Almond Range below!

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Quality Food Products. Healthy, Tasty & Better For Your Consumers.