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The scope of Trumps capabilities are wide and varied along with the range of products it offers to its broad base of customers.

Range | Back to top

Trumps comprehensive range of products includes Edible Nuts, Dried Fruits, Beans & Pulses, Muesli, Confectionery, Cooking Needs, Herbs & Spices, Ginger, Snacks, and a Wide Range of Organics. Trumps offers food solutions for the Retail, Foodservice, Health Food and Manufacturing Industries.

Sourcing of Product | Back to top

Trumps source their quality products at home and world wide with stringent policies in place to ensure the the highest standards and specifications are met.

We have a dedicated management team and a comprehensive network of suppliers to procure the best available products and materials.

These suppliers are locally and internationally placed at the point of origin giving the best possible outcome for continued supply of quality product.

Manufacturing | Back to top

Once the products are received into our warehouse and factory and only after they have passed through our compliance procedures they are then designated to be further processed and packed into one of the 1400 variety of products Trumps produce year round.

Trumps versatility with its manufacturing base enables us to further value add many popular products by Oil Roasting, Dry Roasting, Blending and Mixing products.

Trumps not only process and pack conventional products but are also proud to be Organic Certified with ACO Accreditation.

Product Base & Packaging | Back to top

Trumps and it's product base over the 70 years of service to the industry has been at the forefront and a market leader by adapting to ever evolving and changing consumer requirements.

Trumps can offer a range of packing alternatives to suit most needs from a 15g sachet to a 5kg bag. And packaging options include Re-sealable, Pillow, Square Edge and Doy Pouch packs.

Distribution | Back to top

Trumps prides itself on the support it offers to all customers by way of our distribution network. Trumps is second to none when it comes to getting the product there whether its just around the corner or Darwin.