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Foodservice November – December Cycle Priority

November-December Cycle priority

This month’s Cycle Priority We have Snaking Range with a wide variety of Cashews Roasted and Salted 1 Kg, Almonds Natural 1Kg , Pecans 1Kg and Banana chips 1 Kg. 

We have a selection of snacking products for this holiday season or simply to add to your platters.

With over 80 years of experience in the market, Trump’s options are one of the best in the business.

Contact us to speak to your local Foodservice representative or call 1800 00 NUTS.

Almonds Natural 1Kg

Cashews Roasted & Salted 1Kg

Pecans Kernels 1Kg

Banana Chips 1Kg

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Quality Food Products. Healthy, Tasty & Better For Your Consumers.

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Quality Food Products. Healthy, Tasty & Better For Your Consumers.